How to Mow Your Lawn Right

Mowing may be the most neglected component of lawn care. Many homeowners are guilty of overlooking it. The grass has to be in the right size, not too long or short, to get the perfect lawn. You’ll only achieve that if you mow your lawn properly. It will make a great difference if you know how to mow your lawn right. Here are tips on how to mow your lawn.   

1. Don’t cut the grass too short.  

Many homeowners cut their lawn too short because they thought that doing so will keep them from mowing the lawn too often. This is not advisable. Grass that is cut too low will have an increased need for nutrients and moisture. They need more time for recovery since they are decapitated. Shorter grass blades mean that they have less chlorophyll to work with. Chlorophyll is the plant’s main source of fuel. Short grass will also make the soil dry faster, which is why you see drought in lawns. Weeds will grow quicker and germinate better if there is no tall grass in their way.  

The only way when it’s okay to cut grass somewhat low is when it is nearing the end tail of the season. Grass cut short could actually help in addressing the problems with moisture that are rampant during the winter season.  

2. Cut the grass regularly.   

Some people fail to cut their grass regularly. This is the reason why grass tends to grow too tall. Grass whose height is more than ideal becomes the breeding ground of pests. You have to mow your lawn regularly if you want to keep a healthy lawn.   

3. Never perform mindless grass clipping.  

If you clip the grass carelessly, then you’re not doing your lawn a favor. You think that you’re making your lawn look good but you’re not. You’re even making it harder for you the next time. Grass that isn’t cut uniformly may have different issues with mineral, nitrogen, and nutrients requirements. Some parts of your lawn may degrade and you’ll have to reseed to restore them.   

4. Sharpen the blades before mowing.   

A few people understand that sharp blades are necessary to cut the grass right. Many homeowners don’t even know that they have to sharpen these blades. Dull blades create rough cuts. Those rugged cuts may not heal fast. Unlike sharp cuts, rough cuts are usually the cause of illnesses in the grass. Sharply cut grass also look better than roughly cut ones. Those bad cuts will provide the grass with large openings, which means they will lose a lot of humidity and increases stress related to drought during hot weather.  

These are the things that you should remember if you intend to do lawn mowing on your own. As a rule of thumb, you must always read and understand the user’s manual of your lawnmower and sharpen the blades frequently. Mowing should be done regularly so you won’t have to worry about the condition of your lawn too much. If you need help, don’t hesitate to hire trusted experts to provide you with lawn mowing services. They will gladly mow your lawn for you.